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Tuesday, November 01, 2011


After waiting for years and years (started Sept 2007), I'm FINALLY having a lumbar spine MRI. When I was in my early 20's I had a Spinal Tap to check for menighetis and it is now the location that is literally the pain of my existence. 

It's the one missing piece to the medical puzzle that I'm certain the Canadian Govt has been waiting for in order to vote in my favor for Canada Pension Disability. I haven't been able to work since the above dated and my health has continued to degrade to the point it is today.

The chronic pain syndrome, the fibromyalgia, the meniere's disease, the osteoarthritis, chronic manic depression and of course let's not forget the IBS and an undiagnosed stomach issue (down almost 40 lbs since August due to stomach issues) just didn't seem to be enough for them to make a judgement on. 

Of course the worst part of the MRI is the MRI itself. Since I'm so claustrophobic, the only way to get me anywhere near that damn machine is by making me completely and utterly medically stoned :)

So off we go to Royal Columbian Hospital and the trusted radiologist (have to say that for my own mental state lol) and in the loving and safe arms of my husband. He is so my rock and my biggest support mentally, physically and emotionally. He is my hero no matter what he thinks. I likely would've taken my own life by now if it wasn't for him. He keeps reminding me that just because I have chronic illnesses, constant pain and anguish, that I still have his love, the love of our family and friends and that sun always shines. (even if it looks like water droplets lol )

Wish me luck, my blogger buddies. 

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