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Wednesday, December 14, 2011




Here are my top 20 perfect stocking stuffers guaranteed to make you and Santa shine on Christmas morning!

  1. Coffee gift cards. Whether it's Tim Horton's, Starbucks, Blenz, Second Cup. These cards are perfect for any one's stocking and come in any denomination you want.
  2. Toiletries. Travel sized toiletries aren't just for travelling. They make perfect little stuffers. Especially for students (toothbrush, mouthwash, hand sanitizer, shampoo etc)
  3. Chocolate! Everyone loves chocolate. From chocolate balls to expensive Godiva Truffles, it is sure to be a hit! (don't forget the sugar free chocolate for those diabetics on your list too)
  4. Movie Passes. Quick and easy to use and buy. Either for one night out, a date or a gift card for several movies. Always nice to receive
  5. Fruit. Fresh fruit consisting of apples, oranges, pomegranates are perfect sized to put in the stocking. (mini tangerines are even better)
  6. Socks. The dryer always takes prisoners, so it's always nice to get a fresh pair or two. 
  7. Hand Scrapers. These are great for heavy snowfall areas. A good handheld ice scraper will fit nicely in a stocking. 
  8. Batteries. All those presents need them so put some in their stockings and really make them wonder what they are getting.
  9. Disposable cameras. These are great to catch spontaneous moments of gift opening and dinner faux pas. 
  10. Hot Chocolate/Teas. For those who don't drink coffee. A couple special packages of holiday hot chocolate or their favorite herbal tea are ideal and appreciated on cold winter nights.
  11. Tools. From small screwdrivers to tape measures. The handymen (or women) will totally love getting these household necessities.
  12. Kitchen Gadgets. Pizza cutters, measuring spoons, spatulas, towels etc (anything small works great). Digital thermometers are perfect!
  13. Naughty naughty! OK so for the 'special' stocking on your list, how about miniature packages of lubes, condoms (Grown teens/students/adults), lotions and potions. Most adult oriented stores have a good selection of naughtiness to fill that stocking.
  14. Underwear. They are perfect to ball up and wrap! Finding cool undies with graphics and cartoon characters are a hit with kids and adults! 
  15. Silly string! Yes, I said silly string. No Christmas is complete until someone is covered in silly string. Most party supply stores carry it year round and the kids will love using it outside in the snow.
  16. Alcohol. For those stockings that are the legal age to drink. A small bottle of wine or even a small bottle of their favorite alcohol. Most liquor stores have smaller versions of wine and alcohol close to the checkouts. You can also add a corkscrew, bottle opener and coasters.
  17. Bath products. Bath bombs, salts, oils and soaps are perfect for pampering.
  18. Makeup. Girls love getting makeup and it fits so nicely in a stocking. From groovy nail polish to razzle dazzle eye shadows. 
  19. Toys. Small toys are great for the stocking and makes the dollar stretch just a little further. Hit up the local 'Dollar Store' and grab age appropriate toys. School supplies like erasers and pencils are great because you can find some awesome seasonal ones!
  20. Cold Hard Cash. Nothing will bring a smile to a child's/teens/grownups face more than cold hard cash. Wrap up Loonies and Twoonies. Shove other denominations in other stocking stuffers for that extra punch!
Stocking stuffers can vary as much as the individuals buying them. Whatever you choose to stuff into those Christmas stockings will be found with joy and love. 

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