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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

An Adventure in Socializing Tweet Up Style


February 8, 2012

What do you get when you combine stunningly beautiful vistas of Vancouver, creative and succulent miniature haute cuisine (aka appetizers) and an 
energetic group of tech savvy individuals? 

Answer: News 1130 Tweet Up at the Lift Bar and Grill in Coal Harbor!

Tonight marked the 2nd 'Annual' Tweet Up for the News 1130 group and also marked their birthday milestone. Sixteen wonderful years of news, traffic, weather and sports to the citizens of the Lower Mainland. 

The night was filled with energetic conversations, constant tweeting (imagine that) and networking. The Lift Bar and Grill is by far one of the most picturesque restaurants in all of Vancouver. Sitting right on the waterfront of the Coal Harbor Marina, nestled alongside the equally beautiful Westin Bayshore Hotel. The night although marred by the slight drizzle outside, was anything but dynamic inside. 

The food ranged from petite brioche with chicken breast to wild mushrooms with blue cheese and balsamic reduction (of course that was my personal highlight fav). Sushi rolls of tuna and salmon, crab balls that were to absolutely die for and the most divine gruyere and ham grilled bites. The sharpness of the cheese paired up perfectly with the glass of 2007 Quail`s Gate Merlot. (My palate is still thanking me profusely)

Sporatic and timely commentaries made by our favorite News 1130 personalities along with some pretty stellar door prizes. Digital radios, gift basket and a $50 gift card among the goodies. But, our hosts didn`t stop there. Everyone in attendance was presented with their own `News 1130 satchel bag` before leaving. Inside the bag were yet more goodies, all designed for the tech guru. 

I`m quite certain the 4GB flashdrive is going to be used quite effectively very soon. 

My personal and biggest thrill came from meeting and having an awe moment speaking with the Bruce Claggett. We discussed novelists, i.e., Stephen King. He even allowed me the great honor of bestowing a few of my own personal anecdotes and thoughts on writing and journalism. The stars were aligned and karma was on my side for a brief moment in time. Speaking with Bruce was like taking art lessons from Picasso himself. I gained a great deal of insight and motivation. Perhaps even a slight inclination to toss my hat into the world of screen writing. 

Overall, I noticed a distinct age differential between my fellow tweeters there tonight and I am proud to say I felt honored to be in the presence of so many amazing people. 

I could not think of a better way for me and my (wonderfully tolerant) husband to have spent our date night. 

If you don`t follow me on twitter, I can be found easily with:  @ravenbran20

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