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Friday, February 10, 2012

Death Penalty to the Canadian Justice System


February 10, 2012

The Canadian Justice System is facing the death penalty if a major overhaul isn't done soon. Overcrowded jails, appointed judges not elected, weak sentences and a general blatant disregard for victims of heinous crimes.

In an area where the gang violence is escalating daily and the burned images of  Vancouver rioters are still on the tongues of many, the judicial system seems to be failing in finding the correct amount of justice for the crime committed.

The antiquated 'Young Offender' laws leave victims and their families scratching their heads wondering where and why the justice system has failed them. Most recently, a 'young offender' was given probation for posting photos on Facebook of a rape that transpired during a rave. 

This by no means gives the victim and her family any justice or peace from the situation. He, the convicted young offender who can't be named (but should), is required to write a letter of apology to the victim and her family. What a crock of sh**.  How is this teaching anything? Where is the justice? Where is the punishment befitting the crime? If the same thing happened to someone who wasn't a 'young offender', they would be tossed in jail and labelled a 'sexual predator'.  The convicted boy deliberately and knowingly posted the photos on a website that would get virtually millions of hits. Yes, the pictures were graciously removed by the Facebook people and rightly so. 

Is it time for Canada to bring back Capital Punishment? Perhaps. It seems that the current level of punishments handed down are not swaying anyone from committing a crime. More focus on the heinous crimes involving children, rape, murder etc., need immediate attention. If you commit murder, you pay for it. Plain, simple, easy. 

While I'm not saying we (as a society) go back to the days of bread and water for prisoners, I do think that they don't deserve the opportunity for post education (especially when law abiding kids can't afford to go). Certainly do away with the 'club med' type prisons. No more movies, Internet, big screen televisions. Being convicted and sentenced to jail shouldn't improve your economic standing. It should impede it at every stance. There are no rights for the convicted. That is the root of all punishments, all rights are revoked. 

The entire Canadian Justice System is in the midst of a complete and utter bleed out if the government doesn't start making sweeping changes. The penalties MUST fit the crime. Judges need to be elected so they can be held accountable for making too lenient of sentences. A murderer or rapist should not walk away with probation, time served etc. The cell doors are opened, shut behind and locked till the end of days. Sound too extreme? Ask a victim's family  if the sentence is too extreme? 

The whole concept of 'double' time served is ridiculous and a slap in the face to any victim. The families of victims don't get double the time they had with the victim from the crime. Why should the criminal get time off their sentence because the judicial system is slow moving? 

Time to write to Parliament and urge changes to the entire Justice System before it's really too late.

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