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Monday, February 06, 2012

SuperBowl Sunday Highlights


February 6, 2012

Sunday's Superbowl was an incredible display of determination, endurance and sportsmanship.  Going right to wire, the New York Giants beat the New England Patriots 21-17 in what is sure to be noted as one of the most exciting games in NFL history.

Eli Manning, the Quarterback for the Giants was the game MVP and drove away in a brand new Corvette. Perhaps even driving it to Walt Disney World! Tom Brady, Quarterback for the Patriots saw his dreams of winning slip through the fingers of his receivers on the waning plays of the game.  

The half-time show was in a word: Epic! Madonna came out with her dancers decked in Roman Centurion costuming and set the atmosphere right away with an incredibly energized version of her hit 'Vogue'. The special effects were outstanding and Madonna looked like a 20 year old strutting her stuff on the stage. Even with a small slip, Madonna's act was flawless. I wasn't expecting such a showing by the Queen of Pop, but she pulled it off in what looked seamless. 

By far, the best half-time show in recent history. Certainly what I would consider the best out of the last decade. Madonna surprised the audience with the appearances of L.M.F.A.O, Nicki Minaj and CeLo during her set. Their contributions, electrified the audience and kicked up the level of entertainment ten-fold. Madonna's 'Like a Prayer' rendition complete with choir was awe inspiring. The lighting on stage and in the crowd was as if all the stars in the sky stopped in their tracks just to shine down on the show.

All-in-all, this year's Superbowl goes down in the history books as being an 'Underdog's victory' with a stellar half-time show. 

Maybe next year it will be Baltimore Ravens vs Seattle Seahawks with 3 Doors Down for the half-time show. (A girl can dream can't she)

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