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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Affair of the Mind...excerpt from "Inside the Dragon's Heart" (c) 2002

An Affair of the Mind

She stared at him across the room

Looking away not wanting to be caught
Glancing down at the ring on her finger
Taken but not fulfilled by love

He was the picture of perfection
Tall and rugged with a tender smile
Silver hair glistened in the softly lit room
His jeans fit him like a glove

Casually talking to one another
Careful not to create unwanted questions
Whimsical flirting back and forth
An alluring smile sets the stage

Their age difference never discussed
Maturity is equal to the moon’s full circle
Tempted by lustful thoughts
They yearned for each other’s touch

Simple glances meaning so much more
Playful laughter hiding the sexual tension
Forbidden yet desired
Complications and consequences

The affair remains in dreamland
Pleasures survive in fantasy
No one to be the wiser
Their paths will merge one day

Sher Boudreau…..2002-10-15 (c)

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