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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Haunted..excerpt from "Inside the Dragon's Heart" (c)2002

Haunted from the darkness of the eyes

Enchanted with a glistening smile
Enthralled by contours and curves
Obsessed with the untouchable

Lusting for the unattainable
Desiring the pleasure of the flesh
Yearning for a glimmer of hope
A chance to touch a dream

Nights filled with mental imagery
Experiencing that special moment
Two bodies in gratifications
Waking to a cold hard sweat

An illusion that will not fade
A mystery wanting to be unfolded
Longing to feel an emotional connection
A fantasy consuming life

Through messages and pictures
Imagination replaces reality
Visions control every consciousness
Haunted by a what if

 A brief encounter could fill the void
Ease the suffering of the heart
Feeding the craving cures the preoccupations
Single embrace releases the ghosts

Forever haunted with the impossible
A remnant of sanity remains in tact
Preventing the total destruction of the mind
Yet still yearning for the affections of another

Sher Boudreau…..2002-08-07 ©

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