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Thursday, September 13, 2012

TEMPTED..excerpt from "Temptations of the Dragon" (c)2002

Tempted by the fascination of the unknown
Walking into the darkness searching for the light ahead
Witnessing the changes in the world around
Embracing the path laid forth and venturing in

Tempted by fate but still not accepting its reality
Seeking out the love predestined for life
Engulfed in the seduction of its touch and feel

Accepting the temptation of body and flesh
Reaching into the depths of your soul
 Releasing the fire within
Caressing and nurturing the new found sensations
Reacting to its touch, fuelling the passions hidden from sight

Tempted by the sweet emotions of love
Desiring the full effect from its warmth
Corrupted by the sheer primal instincts
Engaging in the carnality of mutual satisfaction

Tempted by the gratifications the flesh has to offer
Seductions become the norm
Crimes of passion take over
From the dignity of honorable conduct
Leaving a pile of mangled flesh writhing in satin sheets

Tempted by the flesh, tempted by the savage within
Distracted by the images playing inside the mind
Sensuality becomes your entire persona
Exotic and erotic as you seek more temptations

Sacrificing purity for the demon that resides inside
Welcoming the hedonism that quenches the thirst
Relinquishing all inhibitions venturing into 
the realm of ultimate pleasure
As you become tempted

Sher Boudreau…2002-11-11 (c)

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