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Monday, September 12, 2011

Another Day excerpt from 'Blood Stained Talons'

Another Day

As a blanket covers the bed

So to do the clouds shroud the skies

Light fades sending the day a bed

Darkness engulfs the terrain below

Echoing in the loud silence

The cries of the wild sing out

A symphony to Mother Nature

Hailing her beauty and strength

The moon exudes its ominous luminosity

Playing hide and seek within the heavens

No glimpse of celestial brilliance

The stars fall silent in the shadows

With a final puff on to the flickering candle

Resounding goodnights exclaimed to all

All memories of the day diminish into slumber

The only voice is the whispering wind
Earth’s inmates sleep as an innocent baby

Comforted in the bosom of dreams

The blanket swaddles the soul

As Another day falls into eternity

Sher  June 18, 2010 ©

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