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Tuesday, November 29, 2011



Christians and Pagans* celebrate this time of year for different reason but with similiar items that make us all unite into one humanity.

Advent = meaning 'to come'. Christians await the 'coming' of Christ's birth and Pagans await the return of the Sun from it's 'winter slumber'. 

While the Advent Calendar, counts down the days until Christmas eve, the Advent Wreath is decorative in nature. 

Parents and children traditionally mark each day of Advent with opening up a window on their calendar. The calendar can have toys, chocolates, stuffed figures to mark each day's countdown. It is a great way for kids to learn the days of the week and math as well as 'biblical' teachings that accompany each day's window. 

The wreath was not developed by an early 'Martha Stewart', but rather by sheer preservation. In the dark ages, cart wheels were brought into the home during the winter to prevent them from decaying. To 'hide' the look of the wheel, garland and tree boughs were strung in and around the wheel making it look like a 'wreath'. They were also used as impromptu chandeliers, as they were easy to hang and would spin them in ritual to bring back the 'sun' (light).

As the tradition flourished over the years, Christians adopted the use of the wreaths as decoration while maintaining the biblical reverences with the calendar. 

The joys of this holiday season can be celebrated, marked and shared by everyone no matter the religion. 

**more to come**

*Pagan = Wiccan for this purpose

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