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Thursday, December 01, 2011

Insomnia Chronic Style

Insomnia Chronic Style

At some point in time, everyone has suffered a night where they just can't sleep. Hours of endless hours staring at the ceiling, counting sheep, tossing and turning and yet still sleep eludes you. 

Chronic insomnia is debilitating, depressing and can cause many health and safety issues. The longer your body goes without REM (Rapid Eye Movement) which refreshes the mind and gives your body the rest it needs. The more your body begins to fight against you. 

Constant yawning, nodding off at inappropriate times (like driving) and general malaise feeling can make even 'Mary Poppins' grumpy. Chronic insomnia for me is compiled by the other existing chronic illnesses I suffer from. I can go days without sleeping and no matter what I try, take or do; sleep stays at bay.

Medications have their merit and I've been on medication for years to aid my sleep. The problem being, my body becoming dependent on the drugs instead of my internal clock. So, now I am reliant on something that really doesn't work but I would be tremendously worse without.

Just once, I would love to go an entire month of sleeping all night, every night. For now, I take what I  get. It's amazing what you can learn to do on 3-4 hrs of actual sleep. 

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