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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Yes, Sher there is a Foodie Claus

The following is a secret letter from Santa's kitchen that was intercepted before any real damage was done.

Dear Sher:

It seems like centuries since Santa received any letters from kids wanting 'Baby Brie' from Golden Ears CheeseWorks, '2Bench White' from Tinhorn Creek Winery, 'Beef & Barley Soup Mix' from Glenlochar Kitchens and Balsamic Reduction from 'Nonna Pia's' in Whistler. Seems to me (I'm Santa's personal Chef Chet Nuts), that you have an obsession with food. 

Most kids, your age (ahem), want stuff like Emerald rings and Vampire Diaries on Dvd. What could you possibly want with those ingredients? Unless, of course you are, one of those....dare I say it? 'Foodie'. 

Sweet Sher, while we at the North Pole love getting fan letters and wish lists, we simply can't be fulfilling 'Foodie' lists. I mean, really, could you imagine the chaos that would ensue?  People would be flocking to stores to buy cooking equipment. Taking cooking lessons and, and, putting out gourmet dishes for Santa. Instead of his favorite chocolate chip cookies and milk, he is likely to get something like 'Braised Reindeer tenderloins' with a glass of 'GEW'. 

I'm sorry to say little girl, that your wishlist won't make it to Santa's bag. I've used it as kindling for the stove to make Santa his traditional ' Hot Chocolate Truffle Martinis'.  (betcha want that recipe don't you?)


Chef Chet Nuts

p.s. Dear Sher:

This is Santa.  My Chef Chet Nuts has been roasted over my open fire, and I promise there will be some 'foodie' gifts under your tree this year.

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