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Friday, December 02, 2011

Christmas in Uniform. Making Merry for Our Military

Christmas in Uniform
Making Merry for Our Military

We watch the television and see our men and women who are overseas fighting/peace-keeping and wonder how we can make their holiday season go a little better?

With the recent Wars, more focus has been placed on our Military Personnel stationed in far away lands.  With having little comforts of home and a long depressing holiday season ahead, it should be 'our' responsibility (yes I said responsibility); to ensure that they are not forgotten.

Yes, their respective families and friends send care packages, letters and trinkets to let them know they are thought of, but at this time of the year that simply isn't enough. Sending a care package to someone overseas doesn't have to be expensive or elaborate.
A simple shoe box filled with non perishable goods like trail mix, candy bars, gum, phone cards (believe me, phone cards mean so much). Letters, postcards and quick notes to say 'Hey, you are thought of and appreciated this holiday season', can make the difference in a Soldier's outlook. Christmas in a desert, isn't like celebrating on your home soil. Christmas trees are a thrill to have on post. Of course, the best gift to send a Soldier this holiday season, is the gift of hope and love.

If you knew that your freedom came from someone standing tall. Guarding you from invaders.  Wouldn't you want to express your gratitude?

Below is a list of companies that can help with sending a care package to 'ANY' serviceman or servicewoman around the world. If you choose one selfless act to do this holiday season, send a piece of your heart to a Soldier. It won't go unappreciated and you may just change someone's life (including your own).

COMPANIES THAT CARE  (one of my personal favorites) ( great site and company)

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