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Wednesday, December 21, 2011



Beastly, a modern twist on the classic tale of 'Beauty and the Beast'. Released to the Theatres in March 2011. It stars the charming and delightful Vanessa Hudgens and the hunky Alex Pettyfer as the Beast. 

Beastly, takes the teen angst and social acceptance due to beauty to a new angle. Kyle, the most 'beautiful' boy in school is a total narcissist and thinks the only way to get ahead is with your good looks. 

Kyle finds himself suddenly cursed by fellow student Kendra (excellently portrayed by Mary-Kate Olsen). [yes, I found it a large surprise that she could actually act]. Kyle has a year to make someone fall in love with him after his transformation into the 'beast'. 

With witty comments from co-stars Neil Patrick Harris and Peter Krause, the movie although not a Box Office blowout, is a great must see on DVD. 

The make-up and artistry work on Kyle after the transformation is incredible! 

Rated: PG13 and runs for 86 mins. 

RAVEN RATING:  3.5 claws

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