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Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Not a good today.

5 days till Christmas and I'm facing sitting alone in a house while my husband works. Sure, it happens when you work shift work. Yes, it's supposed to be a happy and joyous time. Christmas just doesn't cut it for me anymore. Too many memories, too much sorrow and far too much stress to contend with. Even more so with the Tribunal just around the corner.

Too top it all off, my immune system has decided to allow me the great honor of being sick. My throat feels like a grater went through it. My nose is stuffed more than a baby's first Christmas stocking and my head is about to explode to the likes of Mt St Helens.

I'm sure there is a padded room out there with my name on it, I just need to find it. Until I do, I'll simply say the following:

Happy Channukah, Blessed Yule, Happy Saturnalia. Let the long winter begin and may the Goddess have some mercy on me soon.

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