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Thursday, December 22, 2011


issue 2
Dec 22 2011

When you least expect it, someone turns up in your daily life to give you a glimmer of hope. A shining moment in the paradox of humanity. A moment that re-enforces your faith and restores the joyousness that is the season. 

Tonight, in Ridge Meadows, I found mine. Never inquired on her name, I just acknowledged her as the 'Delightful Salvation Army Red Bucket Volunteer'. Standing in the chilly, of this early Thursday evening, her charming personality lit up the Save-on-Foods parking lot. She was joyfully singing Christmas carols and shaking her bells. I had taken notice of her actions while driving into the parking lot and her exuberance was energizing. As I walked closer, she was tossing her bells in the air and not missing a beat of her song, catching them and ringing them merrily.  

Walking into the store, I smiled but went on my way to complete my 'sudden' but urgent errand. The order I had placed had finally arrived and just in time too. After 20 minutes, I left the store, with a large bulky, heavy box in my arms. She smiled and wished me a 'Merry Christmas'.  Fumbling through my purse, I managed to get some money and toss it into her shiny red bucket and offered my best wishes back. The smile that had adorned her face had mellowed my very sullen mood. As I unlocked my car and put my box inside, I gazed upwards to the sky and saw a brilliant star. It seemed like it was the only one in the sky and it had me in full view. 

Maybe there is some truth to 'Dr Seuss's Grinch' after all. Sher's heart grew and grew that night. Maybe, this year everything will be all right. 

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