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Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I had the extreme honor and privilege in being part of the 35th Annual P.C.A.H.A. Midget Scholarship Tournament held this past week.  

Having previous experience in organizing tournaments was definitely a bonus in this heavy undertaking. Alot of back ground paperwork, emails, phone calls and faxes that at times seemed overwhelming.  I spent endless hours discussing hockey with my hubby and talking with my mentor on learning different aspects of tournament organizing.

The experience allowed me to travel around the lower mainland from arena to arena and meet people from every walk of life who share a passion for hockey. The boys who participated in the tournament were the 'best of the best' in minor hockey and who exemplified what 'sportsmanship' and 'fair play' are. 

I want to congratulate the boys of the Greater Vancouver Avalanche on winning the Championship (this past Sunday in Port Coquitlam) and to the following boys for winning the $500 bursaries.

Tanner Gattinger
Jonathan Philley
Chris Nakamura
Robin Batchelor

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