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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Top Of The Food Chain..excerpt from 'Thoughts From The Talons'

Top of the food chain

Into the shadows of darkness he returns
Regenerated by warm life-source drained from another
Pristine droplets fall from crimson stained lips
Glimmer of evil shines brilliantly from ebony eyes

Residue of a former life fading into obscurity
Transformation into the immortal undead complete
Satiated by the thirst of human flesh
The hunger grows in intensity with each passing night

Gone are celebrations of a glorious sunrise
The moon’s radiance now welcomed ally
Lurking through the mists of twilight
Searching for the next ‘repartage de vie’

Destined to walk the earth for eternity
Savoring every victim like the first
Absorbing the sweet smell of freshly punctured jugulars
The aroma seduces like a powerful drug

In the end I’m just a vampire
Roaming the ages acquiring comrades
The taste of bloodlust a common bond
Top of the food chain forever indestructible

Sher Boudreau 03-04-2004 (c)

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