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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Waiting for the pain to subside

A familiar discussion *chronic illness sufferers have with other people*

What are you doing?
I'm waiting for the pain to go away. 
Does it ever subside?  
No, it just changes in intensity.
What about swimming, there is no pressure on the joints?
It's great in the pool, but an hour later I'm screaming in agony wondering why I did it in the first place.
How many medications are you currently on?
On a good day 20, on a bad day, MORE.
How many specialists do you have alongside your primary care?
Fibro Specialist, Meniere's Disease Specialist x 2, Internist, Soul Intuitive Chiropractor (brand new to me not the field), Mental Health Specialist, Vision Specialist, Arthroscopic Surgeon, Rheumatologist, Gastroenterologist (still waiting on that appointment) Assorted other clinic Physicians, Specialists during emergency hospital visits.
Is there a correlation between PTSD *Post Traumatic Shock Disorder* and Fibromyalgia conditions? 
 There have several papers documenting the correlation between developing Fibro after suffering a traumatic experience and there have been several Soldiers that have been diagnosed with both alongside GWS *Gulf War Syndrome*
Are there any cures?  
Sadly, drug therapy is available, physio and psychotherapies but no known cures.
Will you ever get better?
Again, sadly no. There are days that are better than others, but over the long haul, the progression of each disease runs at different rates so it's impossible to know what 10 years from now will look like.
Wow, what do you want for the future then? Or better still, what do you expect to see yourself doing in the future?
I see myself in a wheelchair, with little to no hearing. I see a visit from the Grim Reaper much sooner than most. Oddly, enough that part really doesn't phase me. The wheelchair is much more troubling to me then dying. 
Why, do you think death is less troubling for you?
Death is the only constant in life. You cannot escape it's clutches. You might be able to hide for awhile, but sooner or later Death ALWAYS comes for who he wants. It is the completion of the life cycle and the beginning of a whole new chapter of afterlife experiences. I fully believe, there will be another consciousness inside the realm of death and it will be one huge party! 
What piece of advice would you give other Chronic Illness Sufferers out there?
Well. Do what you can, when you can. Don't try to be the hero and complete everything in one day. Housework will always be there, take your time and spread chores out more during the week instead of doing it all on one specific day.


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