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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

BC Translink 'Unfare' to drivers

BC Translink keeps dipping into the shallow pockets of drivers to buck up for expansion and upkeep of the transit system. This all the while, they sit idly by and allow fare evaders to continue using the system.  $7million + has been lost in fare evasions and the worst part is, that fare evaders who are ticketed have no real punishment if they don't pay up.

For drivers however, we are stuck with an ongoing tax cash grab to fund the fare evaders.  Tax after tax has been added to the cost of driving over the last few years and no real progress is being made on the part of Translink to stop the offenders or make the riders pay for the service THEY are utilizing.

There is no reason why drivers have to support a transit system. Driver's by definition don't use the transit system. Those who do use the system should be the ones to fund it. Raise the rates, punish the evaders (jail-time if fines aren't paid) and stop trying to rape the other citizens of the Province.

How can you possibly expect the citizens of British Columbia to pay for a system that isn't minding it's own den. Look into your own pockets before trying to dig into mine.

It is time that the Provincial Government made Translink accountable for their conduct and their blatant flippant attitude towards fare evasion. The addition of turnstiles will NOT stop fare evasion. The only thing that the turnstiles will do is cost the taxpayers and drivers more money.

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