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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Political Landscape in BC Changing

Has Premier Christy Clark effectively 'killed' the chances of the Liberal Party being re-elected next year?

That is the pivotal question on the minds of Liberals and other British Columbian residents. 

The answer: Well if you look at recent history, the very publicized departure and defection of MLA John van Dogen (Abbotsford South).Some have come out and said they wouldn't be seeking re-election, others hinting as to their intentions. 

Fellow MLA from Abbotsford, Randy Hawes commented on his disappointment of Dogen's defection and hinted as to his intent not to run again. Whether or not this is an indication of a lack of support for Premier Clark is up for discussion. It does however, appear that many in the current caucus are unhappy and are weighing their options prior to next year's Provincial election.

It would seem on the outside looking in, that most of her party is NOT in full support of her Premiership and feel that they will struggle come election day abreast upon her shirt tails.

Speculation surrounding MLA Kevin Falcon's decision as to his re-election prospects are now abounding as quick as the daffodils take bloom around the province. What is a definite, is that the more defections that the Liberal party faces and the Conservative party gains (perish that thought people), the more likely BC will have an NDP in charge come next fall.

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