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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Beauty Pagent boots Transgender Contestant

In what can only be called a grotesque display of 'homophobia', Miss Universe Canada, a transgender female (Jenna Talackova) was forcibly removed from the pageant solely on the fact that she was born a male. 


Come on, in an age where acceptance should be the norm, the legislative body that governs the pageant should wake up and smell the shit they are trying to shovel.  They (the pageant) have allowed women who have had surgical augmentation to their faces, breasts etc., but now that they are faced with a serious surgical augmentation, they can't hack it. Talk about two-faced policies. There is no rule in their governing body that indicates a transgender cannot compete. There is no rule for it at all. It is simply a few shallow-minded, closet homophobes trying to exude their 'superiority' and not do what is in the best interest of the pageant.

It is 2012, not 1012. Gay and Transgender individuals are here to stay and are not going to cower in fear to the pathetic dehumanizing comments or people.  It is time to stand up and welcome those who are different. If you can change your boobs and nose to compete why is a sex change such a big deal. Clearly, Miss Canada (and yes she won that title fair and square), Jenna should be allowed to compete for Canada. 

If this was such a huge issue, why would the pageant runners allow her to compete for Canada in the first place? That question boggles the mind for a suitable response. Obviously, the lower rungs of the pageant are much more tolerant and accepting of the Transgender society. 

Donald Trump, the 'man' responsible for the Miss Universe pageant, is by far the most uptight, homophobic person involved. He has the final say and sadly made the wrong choice.

This isn't going to go away quietly. Why should it? Discrimination needs to be addressed no matter what the forum. 

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