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Monday, December 05, 2011

DEC 7 1941 - DEC 7 2011

Dec 7th 2011, marks the 70th anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor and the United States entering World War II.

For the new generations, WWII seems to have faded into antiquated history with the newer Wars fresh in the minds. From Vietnam to Afghanistan, wars have persisted regardless of human development and tolerance. WWII, was the pivotal war that changed world boundaries, racial attitudes and battle itself.

No one was prepared for the barrage on Pearl Harbor that early December morning. The Japanese attacked the unsuspecting Port and annihilated the US Navy but brought forth a stern determination that still holds fast today. Americans, Canadians and the remainder of the Allied Forces broke the lines of defense of Japan, Italy, Russia and Germany. England and France took heavy damage and felt the brunt of the battles. Canadians displayed their amazing fortitude won crucial battles that ultimately led to the ending of the War.

While the rest of the world was contending with Hitler and his Third Reich, the United States was mortally wounded in Hawaii. Even with their fleet destroyed, the Americans took their vengeance and crushed the Axis of Evil. Hawaii, eventually healed with the aid of it's citizens and the support of their Allies.

Pearl Harbor now stands as a Memorial site with the USS Arizona still at sea with her sailors forever entrenched in the darkness of the Pacific Ocean.

A large portion of the Veterans from WWII have now passed on and only a small contingent remain to tell their stories about bravery, loss and hope. If we stopped and listened to their horrors, I highly doubt we would ever fight again. (nice dream isn't it?)

On this sorrowful anniversary, it is important to remember that freedom does have a price and it has been 'Written in Blood'.


*Thank a Soldier, Hug a Vet*

*If you won't stand behind our Troops. Stand in front, you'll be a much better target!*

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