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Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Top 10 Reasons to Shop Online


  1. No lineups to contend with
  2. Don't have to get dressed (stay in your jammies and shop, shop, shop)
  3. Broader selection to choose from (speciality websites, online stores)
  4. Don't have to clean snow off the car, drive in bad weather
  5. No rude shoppers or salespeople to hassle you
  6. You can shop 24 hours a day (great for shift workers)
  7. Don't have to worry about finding parking spots, shopping carts or traffic congestion at the malls
  8. You can have your purchases shipped right to recipient or straight to your door.
  9. Don't have to worry about thieves breaking into your car and steals your purchases
  10. Finally, you should shop online because it's just way too cool not to!

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