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Thursday, December 08, 2011

Things to Ponder this Holiday Season

Things to Ponder This Holiday Season

With all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, we often forget the important things in life. We lose our perspective on humanity and focus on the materialistic society we have unfortunately transitioned into.

This year, I have ten things for you to ponder and how their impact affects you and the world around you. If you do one thing this holiday season, pay something 'forward'. 

Five gifts that are priceless:

Gift the gift of life by giving blood.
Give the gift of hope by giving food.
Give the gift of joy by showing compassion.
Give the gift of prosperity by giving of yourself.
Give the gift of love by allowing love into your heart.

Five things you can never recover no matter how hard you try:

A stone after it's been thrown. 
A word after it's been said. 
An opportunity once it's knocked.
Time once it has ticked by.
A person once they pass away.

Take advantage of every opportunity, every occasion and every moment. To do something that makes humanity stronger, happier and richer because of who you are.

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