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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Conspiracy Theory of the Vampire Authority Kind

February 18, 2012

True Blood fans everywhere are waiting patiently (relatively speaking) for season 5 to start in June. Speculations are already being made as to the cast of the Vampire Authority and several have been confirmed. Christopher Meloni (Law&Order SVU) has joined the cast which is exciting any way you look at it. Preferably half naked most of the time would be the best!

My purpose is the actual purpose of the Vampire Authority. Sure they have been around for a millennia. Governing the Vampire nation for behind it's secretive cloak of mystery. How much power do they actually wield? What is Bill's directive going to be from the Authority this year. (Outside of the novels)

Alan Ball has continually kept the viewers on the edge with his direction and vision towards Charlaine Harris's Sookie Stackhouse Chronicles. The show taking liberties and expanding story lines makes the Vampire Authority that much more appealing.

Think of it, an organization that has been around for centuries. Secretly promoting vampires to positions of power and influence. Is the President a Vampire? the Pope? *(my new book will talk more about that one). Will the Fairies be the ultimate weapon towards the Vampire Authority?

Could a nine year old boy really be the most powerful Vampire on the earth? Theoretically, yes. Since traditionally Vampires do not age. It only stands to reason that if the child (Alexander Drew) was turned as a boy, he would age but remain in a child's body. Ergo, he could virtually be 10,000 years old and still look to be only a wee boy of nine. Scary when you think of the power that he may possess and what he will do with it.

Does the Vampire Authority realize that Sookie has allowed Bill, Erik and the demised King of Mississippi Russell Edgington to stay in the sun for a brief moment in time? Will the alliance between the Vampire Authority and the Church of the Sun come to light. Reverend Steven Newlin has to have financial backing and it would not surprise me that the Vampire Authority has been hedging their bets. Why not get in bed with the enemy to rid common enemies? "Is the enemy of my enemy my friend or my enemy?" *Blade 2 

With only a few more months to wait, the growing concerns over the reign of the Vampire Authority will start making more noise. 

Keep tuned in.


Sherriff Ridge Meadows

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