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Monday, February 13, 2012

Greece rocked by Fire but not by Prometheus


February 13, 2012

Fire has been brought forth once again to Greece but this time not by Prometheus. This time, it is the nation's citizens revolting against economic measures, the taxation rate, unemployment and the foreboding failure out of the Euro. 

The recent fires and protests are just the tip of the proverbial sword into the heart of Greece. Social media has been pivotal in getting information and photos of the riots and protests and has enabled the world to see the demise of a nation live.

It's difficult to make a guess as to what the 'new' Greece will look like after it's 'forced renovations' but one thing is for sure, the Euro will likely not be a part of it. Greece's economic house of cards is crashing with no supporting walls left to keep it erect. 

The struggling Euro can't sustain many more hits before a need for complete dissolution may be needed and a return to independent monetary standards. The flip side would be the creation of a 'Worldwide' monetary standard (George Orwell influencing this idea).

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