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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Discipline Gone Too Far?


February 12, 2012

Grounding, revoking privileges, corporal punishment; these are all ways of disciplining children. They all pale in comparison with the recent actions of one father from North Carolina who chose to invoke a new style of discipline.

His fifteen year old daughter had 'secretly' wrote a scathing report of her family life on her Facebook page thinking her parents couldn't see it. The greatest flaw in her plan was neglecting to recall her father is an 'I.T.' professional. After placing new software into his daughter's laptop, she made the post and oddly enough her father saw it.

As a result of her 'disrespectful' conduct, her father took out his .45 pistol and emptied an entire clip of 'hollow point' bullets into the poor unsuspecting laptop lying on the grass. 

As he remarked and rebuked her statements, he also added that she would be repaying the cost of the bullets along with paying to replace her own laptop.

Was this going too far? Was his conduct beyond acceptable? No one was injured in this disciplinary tactic. An inanimate object became an electronic paperweight in a weird art deco kind of way. Her Facebook friends all got to see what happens when you disrespect your parents. Who is to say that what he did was wrong? 

In an age where 'spanking' your child is no longer acceptable behavior, and 'grounding' doesn't tend to work. Sometimes, a good drastic display of parental dominance may be a good thing. Ultimately, he will likely end up buying another laptop for his daughter and she will likely complain again as normal children do. If nothing else, it was certainly entertaining to watch.

**this video has gone viral with over 3.5 million hits**

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