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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Winter Warming With Glenlochar Kitchens


February 18, 2012

While the wet weather outside might be better suited for ducks, the weather inside GoldenEars CheeseWorks is warm and toasty.  Georgina Sonmor from Glenlochar Kitchens is once again in the kitchen cooking up some amazing tummy warming soup. Today's 'Texas Tortilla' Soup is the perfect way to warm up while shopping for your weekly cheeses.

Seems a perfect marriage between GoldenEars CheeseWorks and Glenlochar Kitchens. Both are local, both believe in quality ingredients and both serve up delicious meal ideas for any sized family.

As you wander around the store, the sweet aromas of fresh baked breads *provided by Maple Ridge's Bread & Buns*, along with a fantastic selection of cheeses made right on site. You'll quickly notice a pattern in the offerings at GoldenEars CheeseWorks, in that, they have a large percentage of local products including Glenlochar Kitchens which is based in Surrey.

Georgina, as perky as she always is, was in the process of getting the amazing "Texas Tortilla Soup" ready for serving up. She was very excited to be sampling a little taste of this delectable soup to chilly customers. Can't say I blame her.  Today is a perfect day for soup and considering that it's low in fat, high in fibre and freezes like a dream. It almost whispers in your ear 'Try me, you'll love me'. 

I would be remiss if I didn't mention that GoldenEars CheeseWorks also has fresh Cheese Curds available and Jenna was prepping french fries for the ever popular French delicacy of Poutine! Oui, Oui s'il vous plait!

Stop in to GoldenEars CheeseWorks and say 'Hi' to Georgina and the crew working hard today. 

Remember to Shop Local, you'll be amazed what you can find in your hometown!

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