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Friday, February 17, 2012

Vandals Mar Serbian Church


February 17, 2012

Vancouver's Stanley Cup loss wounds are oozing once more due to the stupidity and callousness of a few 'lower' class citizens.  Vancouver hometown boy, Memorial Cup Winner, former Vancouver Giant and current Stanley Cup winner Milan Lucic was at the centre of a heinous act committed against his home Church in Burnaby.

Vandals, sprayed black graffiti on the walls of the St. Archangel Michael Serbian Orthodox Church. The graffiti which included profanities and a phallic symbol along with Canuck spelled incorrectly. 

With the Stanley Cup rioters finally weaving through the court system, the wounds of Vancouverites are freshened once more. Once more, Vancouverites display their love of their city and step up to the plate and help to clean up the Church's wall. 

I consider this not only a Hate Crime against the Church and the City of Vancouver but also a Hate Crime towards Serbians. Clearly, this display of vulgarity was to insight more hatred. Coming on the heels of the anniversary of Serbian Independence, I cannot but wonder if there is a connection.

These criminals and low life's should be arrested, charged and if found guilty made to clean all the Churches in the Lower Mainland as well as pay restitution to St. Archangel Michael as well as to Milan and his family.

Conduct like this is not only juvenile but it displays a total ignorance towards society. We can only surmise what possesses miscreants to commit such acts as these. Milan took the higher ground when interviewed and didn't 'egg' them into further outbreaks of wanton stupidity.

With any luck, video cameras caught the little buggers that did this and they will NOT just get a slap on the wrist.

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