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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Are Schools Going too Far?

It recently came to my attention that some schools are not 'allowing' harmless snowball tossing in the playgrounds anymore. When did this become a heinos act? This is a truly 'Canadian' activity. We (those of us who grew up with snow), have always played in the snow. We have built forts and lobbed snowballs at one another  to beat the blues that can come from the coldness of a Canadian winter. 

Ok sure, sometimes injuries happen from snowballs. Perhaps there was some 'ice' in the snow or the snow was just really hard or it was an unfortunate ACCIDENT. That doesn't mean that you squash the activity just because someone 'might' get injured. That's like saying, 'You can't go outside, you could get hit by a car'. My god people GET A GRIP!!!

When does it become too much and over doing it. You cannot put children in a 'safety' bubble, they can and will get injured during their lifetimes. If we stop all the fun, what is left for our children to have? Thanks but no thanks!

To the school boards who thought this was a brilliant idea to avoid phone calls from parents who can't deal with 'accidents'. Clearly, these people need to be shown what they were like as children. I wonder, the people who boycotted and commanded the NO snowball rule ever played in the snow as a child? 

If they answer Yes, to that question, then you really have to wonder what the real reason is for the pathetic excuse of a rule.

Let the kids play, let the kids enjoy winter like a normal Canadian child should! 

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  1. We've never been able to throw snowballs, they yelled at us and to some extents gave us detentions if we were caught. It's stupid but we delt with it and had secret Snowball wars. It's like the hard ball ban that's happening in Toronto schools -.- Stick your kid in a bubble if you don't want them to live life then.


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