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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Election Results

Municipal Election Results

Yesterday's elections in British Columbia brought forth a lot of status quo and very few pivotal changes. Here in Pitt Meadows, we saw the retirement of Mayor Don Maclean. Leaving the seat open for newly elected Deb Walters (who had previously sat as a Councillor) for Pitt Meadows as Mayor.  

The remainder of Pitt Meadows City Council elected are: Doug Bing, Bruce Bell, Janis Elkerton, Tracy Miyashita, Gwen O'Connell and David Murray. 

In the big city of Vancouver, Vision Vancouver put a firm hold on their City Council with seeing the (r)election of Mayor Gregor Robertson and several of his team. While I'm not entirely sure I agree with the Mayor's vision and his direction for the city. I do agree that changes are necessary to help the homeless situation as well as the 'Go Green' initiative. 

I certainly don't want to see more gas taxes to fund a transit system that I never utilize nor have access to living out here in the Valley. Our transit system is pathetic at best. A change I would like to see coming, would be the implementation of full day/night WestCoast Express Train service. The system is there, the tracks are in place. Lower the fares, raise the travel frequency and guaranteed driver's will utilize the train rather then paying for parking downtown or fighting traffic.

No matter what, we have 3 more years now to see what transpires before we can either vote everyone back in or out. 

If you didn't vote. Keep your mouth shut! You didn't earn a right to say anything. 

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