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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Black, White and Grey areas

Today in BC, the courts upheld an earlier decision stating that Polygamy is unlawful. Religious attitudes aside, the whole situation falls into the category of 'Grey area' for ethical debates.

Sure, most people will say one spouse is quite enough. That doesn't mean that we (as society) have the right to intercede and place our ethical morals on someone else. Just because society has an issue with multiple marriage doesn't mean it's wrong. I have several friends that are in 'poly' relationships and they are happier than some monogamous relationships.

Is that lifestyle choice for me? No, cause I'm a greedy little miser and I like my man all to myself. Would I begrudge someone else because they opted to have two or three or four? Nope, it's their choice and their lives.

That all being said. Here is where the ethical debate falls victim to lawful issues. Marrying a minor is rape! Plain, simple, easy. It's pedophilia, it's vile and it's a blanket for molesters to hide under and call it 'religious freedoms'. Have a wife, have two. Just be sure they are of 'legal consent' age.

If all the girls involved were of age, I highly doubt any real attention would be given to these communities and rightly so. Utah is known for their Mormon sect and the 'poly' families and there is never a television show about them. Then again, they aren't the ones that are breaking the law either.

The ethical debate of polygamy won't die out either unfortunately. Until we can have a society that doesn't 'lean' heavily due to the 'power' of the 'religious right'. I was always taught there was a clear line separating Church and State. If that is the case, they why are some of the laws that are on the books based on 'religious' no no's? I'll tell you why. Because the powers that be who wrote the laws were 'religious' to begin with.

You cannot be both judge and jury on one side and then claim victim on the other because the rule of the law doesn't suit your 'religious' opinions. Don't even get me started on abortion and women's bodies!

For those who want to multiple marry, I say 'have at it'. As long as you are marrying someone of 'legal consent' age. Here, legal consent for me means over 16 thank you very much!

This is a large can of worms that isn't going to go away. Until there is a real separation of Church and State (personally I think the church should mind it's own business), there will be arguments and court cases about this hot button issue.

It's not black, it's not white, it's a whole lot of grey area that will continually be discussed.

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