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Friday, November 25, 2011

Santa Claus Obsolete At The Mall?

Has The Internet Made Santa Claus Obsolete At The Mall?

Santa Claus, the jolly man in the big red suit who for centuries has been the 'commercial' focal point for the holiday season seems to be falling victim to online convenience shopping.

More people are avoiding the malls and heading either to big box stores, destination shopping or the worse possible situation for Santa, online shopping.  It's the online shopping that may end Santa's reign. If parents are shopping online to avoid the line-ups, get better deals and get the convenience of home delivery. Then there is no need to drag the kiddies to the mall to wait in endless lines, push through mobs, contend with the tantrums just to sit on the jolly man's lap for a $25 picture and a broken candy cane. But wait, it's not just the convenience of shopping that is making Santa obsolete at the malls and leaving thousands of elves unemployed and Mrs Claus looking for peace and quiet. It's the ability to talk to Santa face-to-face via the Internet.

That's right parents, you can now book an appointment for your child to speak to Santa on the "Net". Several websites are offering the opportunity to speak to Santa. 'Show and Tell' is going to be hi-tech, when little Susie comes to school with her 'Tablet' and brings Santa right into the classroom to talk to everyone on his very own Podcast. Not to mention that parents and children can follow Santa on Twitter, Facebook, as well as other social media websites. Don't forget you can track Santa on Christmas Eve as he crosses the earth with the help of Norad (North American Aerospace Defence Command).  Norad has been protecting and tracking Santa on his journey since 1955.  Their website also has Santa's Workshop and activities for the kids to keep them occupied while waiting for Santa to get to their location.

With all this amazing technology, I only have one problem: how to get the candy cane from the Monitor.

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