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Friday, November 25, 2011


DAILY TIP NOV 25 2011 

A ladies' guide to Winter Driving Survival. To survive a winter of driving, you should always carry the following (just in case):

  • SHOVEL (digging out a car with your bare hands takes just too long)
  • BLANKET (in case you forgot to fill the gas tank before you hit the highway)
  • WINDSHIELD WASHER FLUID (not only does it help the wipers keep your windshield clean, but it will melt snow around your tires if you get stuck)
  • BATTERY CHARGER (just in case you left your lights on while shopping)
  • BOTTLED WATER (not just for thirst, it can also help melt snow)
  • CHOCOLATE (in case you get hungry waiting for a tow from any of the above)
  • SCRAPER AND BRUSH (lightly wiping snow off the windows to see won't cut it so make sure the whole car including lights are cleared of snow)
  • CANDLE AND MATCHES (it will provide some heat if you need it)
  • EMERGENCY KIT (band-aids, rubbing alcohol, gauze, scissors, hypothermia blanket, flares, flashlight (with extra batteries), change of underwear, socks and outfit (if you commute long distances), supply of daily medication (enough to get you through 2 days if needed), gum, dried snacks (long lasting in packages like jerky, dried fruits etc)
Kitty Litter is also good to carry as it will also melt snow (try and use biodegradable litter to be Eco-friendly)

You can pack most of this into a nice sized tote bag that you can toss in the back seat to keep handy. Being prepared helps prevent panic. If you get stranded in the snow, stay in your car (other cars could slide into you if you stand in front or along side your car). Make sure your phone is fully charged before you leave to get to your destination or charge it in the car as you are driving. If the weather is bad, it could take hours for a tow truck, so the water and food will come in handy as will the blanket to stay warm. 

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