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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Celebrating American Thanksgiving on Canadian Soil

Celebrating American Thanksgiving
Canadian Soil

It happens every year without fail. Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving in October, and Americans celebrate Thanksgiving in November right? Wrong, Yes, those are the months they are indeed celebrated but more and more Canadians are hoping on the turkey bandwagon and marking the November holiday with just as much enthusiasm as their neighbours' to the south.

We have always celebrated both dates in my home. Being not only a 'border baby' but also half American, it was a normal occurrence. The almost 'ritual' now is watching Macy's Thanksgiving Parade (85th annual this year) followed by the National Dog Show and Miracle on 34th Street (original b&w version only). Let's not forget the football!

Embracing all the traditions of the American Thanksgiving by watching the TV. shows, watching the football and dining on turkey with all the trimmings is becoming big business in Canada. Canadian merchants are finally jumping on the 'Black Friday' train and using it to make a bigger dent in their holiday profit targets.

Personally, it's brilliant! I remember standing in lines and mobs during Black Friday just to put a $20 pair of jeans for $5. I'd much rather do that on Canadian soil and contribute to my local economy. Of course, now in the age of 'web commerce', waiting in endless lines and pushing through crazed mobs is on the verge of obsolesce. Ordering online is easy, painless and security measures have greatly improved making it safer and more attractable to consumers.

This is a day to mark the official end of harvesting and the beginning of the 'holiday season'. Not everyone celebrates Christmas, but almost every one celebrates Thanksgiving. It's a time for family, friends, joy, food and laughter. It's the one day out of the year that I am truly homesick.

So Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canucks who are celebrating and of course to my cousins, friends and family in the United States. May you all find joy, happiness, and love today and the rest of the holiday season.

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